Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back-to-School Goodies

The Roving Gallery lunch box from Kimmel Kids

I always love finding adorable (and functional!) school supplies. As a kiddo, I loved walking up and down drugstore aisles in search of cute Trapper Keepers (eek, I'm old!), folders, pens and -- of course -- stickers.

Back-to-school items are much cooler these days. I love the above brushed metal lunch box from Kimmel Kids (check out my interview here with local artist Karen Kimmel). It's called the Roving Gallery ($19), and it comes with a magnet set that kids can use to decorate the lunch box. So imaginative! CC would love the hot-pink handle alone.

Kimmelcolors Forest Set

How great is this stencil set for little artists? Kimmelcolors ($45) -- in an autumn-friendly forest theme -- comes with three stencils, six over-sized colored pencils (great for little fingers!) and an eco-friendly stencil case. I can imagine CC sitting at the table drawing away ...

Do you have any back-to-school favorites?

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