Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mickey Mouse rides into Travel Town

Mickey Mouse was the most awaited passenger at Travel Town Museum yesterday, as CC and a host of other kiddies danced, played and boarded the mini choo choo that circled the train-friendly grounds.

Hangin' with the most famous mouse in Hollywood was tops for CC. She even got to rock out Disney-style with the catchy Hot Dog Dance. ("Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog, it's a brand-new day. Whatcha waitin' for?" Yeah, I'm veeeerrry familiar with that one.)

The event, which featured play stations around the museum where kids could color and test out new toy Mickey's Magic Choo Choo, also hosted a viewing party for the primetime special "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Choo Choo Express," airing Sunday, Oct. 25, on the Disney Channel.

What's also available for Travel Town visitors is the art exhibit "Walt Disney Express," which will be on display at the museum through Oct. 27. The exhibit includes photography, animation sketches, cells and some of Walt Disney's personal train-related artifacts.

Also great was seeing a group of Marines on hand to showcase their Toys for Tots program. Each child, including a reluctant CC, took a Disney toy that had been on display and placed it in a huge box for kids who might not get the latest toys under their Christmas trees.

It's a worthy foundation, and I was happy to see CC taking part in something that involved giving away something she clearly wanted for herself.

I also got to meet up with fellow LA Mom bloggers Yvonne in LA and Traded My BMW for a Minivan, who also brought their kiddos along for the train ride.


Anonymous said...

Was this a press thing just for certain bloggers or was it open to the public? I would have loved to have taken my kids to this!!

Dariela said...

I wanted gooooo! But I was working. Oh well, some other time! Looks fun, gla you guys made it!

L.A. Story said...

It was definitely a fun time. Sorry we missed you, Dariela! It was a media event. Will send you the deets on Facebook, Jenn.


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