Wednesday, January 4, 2012

CC's Little Seedling Family

CC's godparents came back from New York with a terrific Christmas present for our little craft-loving girl. In a cute Brooklyn toy shop called Acorn, they found a make-your-own wooden family kit from seedling. -- a New Zealand-based toy company.

When she saw the wrapped present on the table after preschool, CC tore right into it and started crafting. She loved the colorful felt and fabric squares, the wooden pencils and the multi-colored thread. The package even comes with a little bottle of glue. How convenient!

So many choices! (Definitely should have fixed her hair first.)
After CC decided she would make a little girl (of course!) and I would make a mommy (of course, times two!), she chose the hair color, dress style and drew a little face. While this project is geared toward kids ages 4 and older, it's still helpful if parents are there to make sure everything is glued and cut properly.

Et voila! The first addition to CC's little wooden family:

CC chose the red hair, and the polka-dot dress over the yellow felt shirt.

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