Thursday, February 9, 2012

Berlin, Here We Come!

Today, CC and I are boarding a plane (well, a couple of planes) for Berlin! We're so excited. CC has been talking about it in preschool for weeks now.

Before we take off, I just wanted to share with you a few things that I bought for our trip -- to make things a little easier on the plane and in the airport.

Also, don't forget to check this space. I'll be posting from Berlin on a regular basis -- with kid-friendly film reviews, highlights of the city and how I'm surviving the trip alone with a 5-year-old!

Embark All-in-One Adapter

I bought this all-in-one adapter at Target for $9.99. Since I'm only bringing my laptop (not my cell phone), I don't need an all-out electricity converter. Newish laptops are able to convert the electricity through some sort of magic. (That's obviously the technical term.) This adapter has plug-ins for all continents. Very cool!

Spinbrush with Stickers!
The key word here is: stickers. I bought CC a toothbrush that she can decorate on the plane. Hoping this provides hours (yes, hours) of fun!

Dinosaur Erasers
I also picked up this little bag of dino erasers for $2 at Target. What with all of the Valentine's Day loot on the shelves, there were lots of little toys to choose from. I'm also hoping these little guys provide hours -- hours! -- of fun.

And finally, can't forget CC's LeapPad. This has been an amazing gadget for my curious 5-year-old. Not only can she play a ton of games, but she can also take pics and video on her own with the device!

Stay tuned!

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