Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Disney Baby Launches Adorable Collections

Finding Nemo Fun Tub
You wouldn't think so much would change in five years ... or maybe you would. In the five-plus years since I've had CC, products for babies have gotten better and better. And that says nothing about how much has changed since I was little. (Two words: car seats.)

Last week, I visited a Disney Baby luncheon at one of the gorgeous villas at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in West Hollywood. On display were dozens of new items that the company had just launched. Blending in fun Disney characters such as Simba or Minnie Mouse, the strollers, bodysuits and bath toys were heavy on fun while also opting for a more subtle approach.

What I gravitated toward was the Finding Nemo Fun Tub (SRP: $39.99 and pictured above). I remember being so scared to bathe CC when she was barely out of the womb. I remember holding her and giving her a little sponge bath because even the baby tub seemed too big. With this tub, newborns fit snugly onto a sling that can be removed as baby grows. How cool!

Disney Cuddly Bodysuit

As I mentioned at the Disney Baby BlogHer party, the new cuddly bodysuits that sport two rows of snaps for a growing baby are wonderful, too.

Disney Baby has also launched a new website, DisneyBaby.com, that spotlights both products as well as important moments in baby's early life. I love that it's arranged by important moments of the day, such as In the Nursery, Dressing Baby and Mealtime. Parents can also upload pictures of their own special moments and read tips on how to, say, transition baby to solid foods.

Whether you're expecting, just had a baby or know someone who has, it's fun to explore just how far we've come, with parents helping parents and babies looking cuter than ever.


megan said...

So adorable indeed! Can't wait to get some for my little one.

L.A. Story said...

Sounds great! They're so cute. :)

a2zbaby said...

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