Saturday, June 13, 2009

The stork? How about Ikea?

When I was little, my mother used to tease me by saying she found me under a cabbage leaf.

I'm wondering if I should tell CC -- you know, when she asks "The Question That Must Not Be Named" -- that I picked her up at Ikea. And, better yet, here's proof!

After all, the store does offer almost everything. I even picked up my cat, Sassy, at the nearby Burbank Animal Shelter -- just over the Burbank Boulevard overpass that crosses the 5 freeway.

I mean, I was already there ...

OK, OK, bad idea. You're right. No receipt.


Pokie said...

Oh boy! When she needs to have "the talk" just send her to auntie Barbara. I'll set her straight and then to scare her I'll make her walk the halls of my high school so she can see all the prego 9th graders!

L.A. Story said...

I seriously aged, like, 25 years after reading your comment. :)


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