Sunday, June 7, 2009

We stormed Sherman Oaks Castle ... sort of

Do not be fooled by this photo, parents of tiny tots. It is a wonderland, for sure, but a wonderland for big kids. Toddlers need not apply.

Although a beautiful and accurate representation of Sherman Oaks Castle Park on Sepulveda, this pic seems to imply a playground for kiddies. Well, folks, it's all mini golf course and arcade. Which is great, but not what I had promised for my weekend play date.

No offense to Castle Park. CC and I will be heading there again when she's a little older. I just thought it would be a great place to take the little ones on a weekend play date with a friend from the Valley.

Little did I know my small hiccup would turn into a comedy of errors. Seriously, my fellow LA Moms Blog contributor Kim, who is a blogger extraordinaire at House of Prince, may never want to darken my door -- much less my blog -- after this weekend's example of Murphy's Law.

Here's the lowdown:

1. I picked the wrong place, which ended up in relocation -- to the accommodating Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Recreation Center.

2. While flailing nervously and talking with my hands, I turned into the abusive parent by scratching Kim's eldest son with my engagement ring. Damn you, Blue Nile!

3. Baby's first pork rind. (Apparently I hadn't fed my child enough, so she had to go to other parents for sustenance. ... Kim and I were chatting, and I totally didn't notice until I saw that sated smile on my daughter's face.)

4. CC falls off a bench and hits her head. Makes horrific sound. I somehow avoid child services. (Kim wants to exit, like, 5 minutes ago, but is gracious and offers ice cream).

The fact that I'm not in 'cuffs right now is somehow a sign that I did something right at some point in life. Let's hope God, karma and Kim (a Notre Dame alum, which means something to this Catholic) are really forgiving.

Btw, CC is fine. Nothin' but a playground thang for this toddler. The best part? She still loves me.

Photo credit: LA


Kim Tracy Prince said...

You left out the parts where I led you through the traffic and roadwork choked valley, and my kid pooped through his pants with no replacement. We're even, friend! Loved meeting both of you.

L.A. Story said...

LOL! Had a great time!


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